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Modo Physically-based Daylight

1. Select Directional Light, check Physical Sun. 2. Select Environment Material, select Physically-based Daylight. Featured Image is the screen capture that I'm testing Richard Yot's tutorial. : Case Study- Sunlight The tutorial. In the tutorial, unclamp and finally you gonna get rid of physically-based Daylight and put other directional light instead. Because it give [...]

GI and Area Light settings in modo

GI (Indirect Illumination and Irradiance Caching) + Area Light are the best solution for a simple interior scene. If there are 2~3 windows, put area lights in that windows as light sources. But when the light source is large, like outdoor scene. Environment material can be huge light source. Then it's very easy to render [...]

Align polygons II (폴리곤 정렬)

Put one polygon on top of the other polygon.(하나의 폴리곤을 다른 폴리곤 위에 정확히 올려놓기) 1. Select polygon and 'Snaps and Precision' / 'Drag Snap Rigid' (하나의 폴리곤을 선택하고. 'Snaps and Precision' / 'Drag Snap Rigid') 2. Click here and Move (여기를 클릭하고 이동) 3. It will snap. (달라 붙게됨) 4. Select the polygon and [...]

Align polygons I (폴리곤 정렬)

How to move this circle polygon to the same Y position as the squre polygon. (원형 폴리곤을 사각형 폴리곤의 Y 위치와 동일한 위치로 이동하기) 1. Select the squre polygon. (사각형 폴리곤 선택) 2. Work Plane / Align work plane to Selection 3. Select the circle polygon. (원형 폴리곤 선택) 4. Center Selected / Y 5. [...]