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[TV] 교양프로그램

KBS 문화책갈피 인문강단 락(樂) TV 책을 보다 TV 미술관은 폐지되었네요. ㅠㅠ TV 미술관 클래식 오디세이도 종영되었지만 다시보기는 되네요 클래식 오디세이 역시 종영이나 다시보기 즐거운 책 읽기

Modo Physically-based Daylight

1. Select Directional Light, check Physical Sun. 2. Select Environment Material, select Physically-based Daylight. Featured Image is the screen capture that I'm testing Richard Yot's tutorial. : Case Study- Sunlight The tutorial. In the tutorial, unclamp and finally you gonna get rid of physically-based Daylight and put other directional light instead. Because it give [...]

Utility that I use

1. To make Serial Number (시리얼 번호 만들기) Serial Number Generator 2. If you want to scan piles of documents, you can just press a key and enter. Then this utility rename it and move to other folder. (많은 페이지를 스캔할 때, 지정한 키 하나 누르고 엔터 치면, 이 유틸리티가 자동으로 이름을 숫자 순으로 [...]

GI and Area Light settings in modo

GI (Indirect Illumination and Irradiance Caching) + Area Light are the best solution for a simple interior scene. If there are 2~3 windows, put area lights in that windows as light sources. But when the light source is large, like outdoor scene. Environment material can be huge light source. Then it's very easy to render [...]